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The Power of Team and Additional Speaking Themes

Presentation and Breakout Package: The Power of Team

The timing for Terri’s “Power of Team” presentation was perfect for helping to create the framework for our firm’s corporate culture and value initiatives. Our group immediately related to Terri’s real life experiences and the breakout sessions were invaluable.
– Molewski Financial


Each team member represents a crucial brick needed in developing the foundation for a group. But a powerful team calls for each individual to continually raise the bar in what we can offer their team. The true power of team is achieved when each team member welcomes challenge as an opportunity to expand into that optimal teammate.

This 4-part, multimedia program is fully customized to hone in on the challenges and hot points specific to your company. The Power of Team will supercharge the effectiveness of your team by delving deeply into crucial team building skills, including communication, adaptation, risk taking, challenge, endurance and more. The Power of Team package includes:

  • Needs assessment – an initial call with Terri that will enable her to learn more about your meeting objectives and your team so that she may customize your program.
  • Speaking presentation – an educational and compelling keynote presentation on the essential aspects of building strong teams and being an effective team player.
  • Q&A – an opportunity for participants to discuss with Terri the concepts presented as well as and any specific challenges and issues they face in relation to this theme.
  • Team mastery workshop – a hands-on idea/solution activity that breaks the larger group down into smaller groups. This gives participants the opportunity to directly engage the concepts Terri has presented, examine their current level of contribution and effectiveness, as well as create what they can do to increase their power moving forward.

Additional Speaking Themes

Doing Amazing

We can dream of what could be in our lives or we can choose to nix the idle chatter, go really big and reach for Amazing. Your experiences and subsequent choices set the stage for how you go after Amazing in your life. Whether it’s academics, career, an athletic endeavor, an adventure or humanitarian effort, don’t settle for just getting the job done—go after Amazing! In conjunction with a stunning slide show of her world adventures Terri will highlight several amazing stories as well as inspire you to action with her ‘10 Points for Doing Amazing’. Additional themes imputed in this presentation are; passion, goal setting, confidence, risk taking, beyond potential, being exceptional, embracing challenge, awareness, mastery and more.


The Art of Calculated Risk Taking

Calculated risk taking is essential to garnering personal greatness while offering us the elixir needed for success—confidence. Taking risks teaches us to adapt while moving forward, so that we can continually redefine how we view our lives. Creating extraordinary experiences is a direct result of practicing calculated risk taking well, while embracing the ever-deepening learning process of the courageous life. With an exciting slide show backdrop, Terri will offer the secrets to becoming skilled at risk taking. Additional themes imputed in this presentation are; chance, uncertainty, choice, being exceptional, passion, awareness, facing fear, mastery and more.


Mental Training for Sport and Life

Our actions are generated by our mind and what we think. Yet we are never a victim to our out of control thoughts—at any time we can guide and control our attitudes and subsequent actions. Through this captivating slide show Terri will put forward the possibility of each participant creating a personalized Mental Training Program in order to reach untapped mental power. Terri will share her experiences and research in this arena while offering participants powerful methods that will change the way they do their work, sport and lives. Additional themes imputed in this program are; confidence, attribution, goal setting, self talk, affirmations, commitment, adaptability, mindfulness, reaching beyond potential, endurance and more.


Embracing challenge teaches us that there is no such thing as potential because potential implies an ending place. We learn through our growth within challenge that redefining ourselves as humans is a limitless process.
– Terri Schneider