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endurance athlete..speaker..writer..coach..consultant

Few athletes surpass Terri Schneider’s consistency, durability, longevity and charisma in endurance sports. As a pioneer in several sports, she has blazed a path through the endurance world that combines a zeal to experience new cultures and remote landscapes, with a hunger to push her physical and mental limits. Terri’s passion is to share these experiences with others as a motivational speaker, author, coach and consultant.

As an adventure racer, triathlete, ultrarunner and mountaineer, Terri has raced and adventured in over 70 countries. Through the hundreds of events in which she’s excelled she’s established herself as one of the most diversely experienced multi-sport endurance athletes and coaches in the world. As a world-class professional triathlete for 10 years—specializing in the Ironman distance—and elite international adventure racer for eight, Terri has been featured on the Discovery Channel, USA Network, high profile talk shows, news segments, and popular outdoor publications highlighting her personal experiences and success in triathlon, ultrarunning and arguably the most grueling sport on the planet: adventure racing.

Terri earned her Masters of Arts in Sports Psychology with a research emphasis on team dynamics and a thesis on risk taking, and her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. She brings her advanced scholarship as well as her extensive athletic experience to her speaking and writing, creating dynamic, informative, and often life-changing presentations and prose. Terri is author of Triathlon Revolution: Training, Technique and Inspiration, co-author of Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training and has contributed to two additional books. In addition to her speaking and writing she offers coaching, online training, sport psychology consulting and co-directs a few events.

Terri lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

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“Terri has that unyielding drive that keeps her head and heart in the game of life—and of the game of improvement no matter the adversities and obstacles that come her way. She’s a true warrior.”
– J.C.