Client Impact



“I wanted to thank you for a great class. I have recommended you to everyone I know! I really learned the confidence to forge forward and am sure I will enjoy the triathlon 100 times more because I will actually enjoy the swim instead of fear it. Thanks again!”

– Kathleen


“I want to thank you so much for the clinic! it was truly amazing. I have already told all my friends who are interested in open water and tri that your clinic is a must!!”

– Julie


“For someone like me that has only been in a wetsuit and in the bay once before, and that being 4 years ago, this clinic was essential training. I shudder to think what my first Tri experience would have been if I jumped into it cold (puns intended).

Thanks for being out there!”

– Jay


“Swimming round the wharf today was my first swim that length in open water, and it was FUN. The swim clinics, and the insights and encouragement you’ve provided have been a huge confidence builder. I’m really glad I signed up, and would recommend your clinics to anyone. Thank you!”

– Neil


“My friend and I are so glad we took this class! With each open water swim, we relaxed more and more and actually started enjoying and look forward to the ocean swims. The swim around the wharf was wonderful – no head trips for me! I’m actually looking forward to this Saturdays tri at Pacific Grove.”



“Thank you so much for the great class! The support was amazing during the actual swim but the whole time I was out there I was going over the class in my head, especially the mental part. Between your class and the event, I have definitely identified some things that are hindering my enjoyment of open water and have them written down to mesh into my training. I am actually looking forward to getting out there again! I look forward to working with you again.”

– Ida


“This was the best investment in my triathlon “career” to date. After participating in Terri’s Santa Cruz Triathlon clinic and the race, I was exploding with satisfaction at my accomplishment as I improved my personal best time by over 20 minutes. The clinic helped me access the focus and the highest level of performance that I knew I had in me. Terri is a talented motivator and her personal touches, insights, knowledge, and encouragement have been invaluable to me.”

– Ed


“Thanks for the great clinic. I cannot imagine doing the traithlon in July without having done this clinic first. Your pre-swim discussion was very helpful in preparing me to deal with the swimming through the breakers (out and in), being out there so far from the beach, swallowing water, controlling my fears, etc… I will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone thinking about doing open water swimming.”

– Carl


“Thank you for being there for me and practicing “tough love.” I didn’t think I could go another inch, but I did, with your talking me through and even reaching out to me. That’s what a great teacher and coach is about—and, girl, you are it!”

– Cathleen


“I have learned so much in this clinic our last session was my best ocean swim yet! Thanks for giving us all the support and guidance! I know that I am ready for my next race.”

– Billy


“I attended one of Terri’s eight-week training clinics. By sticking with my personalized schedule and group workouts, I took 25 minutes off of last year’s Santa Cruz Tri time! Thanks, Terri!”

– Dina


“Terri…I just wanted to thank you for the time and energy you put into the clinics. I walked away with so much information, new friendships, and a stronger belief in my abilities in the water. You really helped me to separate my physical abilities from my fear, allowing me to see that I have progressed beyond that point a year or so ago when I could not even get in the water. I can’t even put into words what a sense of freedom I felt yesterday when I realized just that. We are so fortunate to have you here to teach and motivate!”

– Gaylia


“Just wanted to say that I loved your swim clinics. My most feared event in the triathlon actually turned out to be my best. During your swim clinic I finished the swim in 45 minutes. During the SC Tri I did it in 32:47!!!”

– Lori


“Terri is not only an exceptional teacher, she is patient, honest, experienced, supportive, and a tremendous motivator. She taught me that there is an athlete in all of us and proving that to yourself can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.”

– Laura


“I have been racing triathlons for the last four years. Most of what I have learned came from other people (what worked for them) and ‘trial and error.’ Terri was able to fine-tune every aspect of my race: swim, bike, run, and transition. It was personalized information that helped me in my race and not just something that had worked for someone else. I wish I would have taken Teri’s clinic four years ago!”

– Richard


“Terri’s coaching has taken me to a level of performance that I would have never envisioned a couple of years ago. I have been able to gain skills and confidence, not only in terms of physical performance but in terms of how I think about training, race planning, strategy, nutrition, and the mental skills necessary to get through a race. The clinics and training plans have helped me focus on specific goals and have kept me motivated and pushing forward to do even more in the future.”

– Penni


“Can’t express enough thanks and appreciation to you. Your time, guidance, advice and most important… stories, were very inspiring. I hope someday to share as much knowledge in this sport, as you have given in just 4 short days… I’m sure there was tons more to learn from you!”

– Carolyn


“After a few years of racing tri’s, I thought I had reached my potential. I joined Terri and her training program to get some professional input. The results were excellent! I gained a much better perspective on my training and improved my training efficiency. Terri evaluated my technique and gave input to help improve my biomechanics in all three sports.”

– Clarissa


“I think Terri is a very skilled coach. It’s a very rare thing for someone to be able to assess a person at all three sports and incorporate their individual personalities in their training. And I feel that you really knew [got to know?] all of us and gave us very individualized instruction. That is a rare gift.”

– Marianne


“Terri, I admire your openness and strength and I truly learn from your experiences. What a positive influence you are to show all that can be learned and gain from challenges.”

– Dona


“When I first started training, I couldn’t run around the block. Now I can run a half-marathon and have successfully completed numerous triathlons. Terri’s clinics are fantastic!”

– Jill


“Terri, thank you so much for your time, support, motivation, and coaching! It was such a thrill to meet you and learn from you! I could have listened to your stories about racing all day, every day. I will always try to incorporate all your words of wisdom when I prepare for my next tri. Your athletic career from triathlons to adventure racing is genuinely inspiring. You are a true mentor for all athletes young and old!”

– Becky


“I would like to thank you for your training, inspiration, and humor. You are gifted in a number of ways, including leadership.”

– Dana


“What does it mean for a 56 year old woman to even think about taking a triathlon clinic? It’s scary! Terri’s clinic was safe, informative, and supportive. I found my own rhythms and could push against physical and mental boundaries at my own pace. My subtle mental advances were linked to my gradual competency and skill in each sport as Terri introduced skills and drills each session. It has been exhilarating to become an athlete.”

– Roberta


“Your class has actually left me looking forward to the ocean swims…..never thought I would say that! You have helped me tremendously. I will be taking your clinic again!”

– Carin